What should I wear?

Experienced triathletes will wear a one or two-piece triathlon suit throughout the race with an elasticated race belt for their number however, if this is your first race, there is no need to buy any special clothing. The simplest option is to wear your normal swimming costume then pull on a T shirt in transition to which you can attach your race number. Another alternative would be to swim in a pair of lycra shorts and a lycra top that you may already have for running. If it’s very cold you may want to put on a woolly hat and gloves!

NB. No-one is allowed to run ‘topless’! According to BTF rules you can wear a one or two piece non-transparent swimsuit in the swim then, on the run, your chest area must be covered at all times and there must be no gap between top and bottom. For full details please read the BTF rules.


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