Swimming – Return to Play


What is changing?

  • Swimming will be for adult members only. Initially only adult members over 16 years will be permitted to swim. This decision will be continuously reviewed.
  • Current sessions:     
  • Adult swim (50 minutes – coached) 20:00-20:50 Monday 

Cost will be £5 (Monday) and £4.50 (Friday) for a 50 minute session.

Swimming places will need to be booked online in advance (see below). Sessions will be made available for booking a few days in advance. IF YOU HAVE NOT BOOKED YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SWIM.

  • Before attending their first session everyone will be required to complete an online Health Screening and Risk Awareness Declaration.
  • Sessions will be geared around endurance swimming, minimising the time resting at one end of the pool. 
  • No spectators will be allowed.
  • The format may change depending on numbers, fitness levels and British Triathlon/ Friary Grange Leisure Centre rules. 

Procedure for Monday sessions?

  • Do not attend club sessions if you feel unwell or anyone in your household is unwell. 
  • Please arrive 10 mins before swimming and wait outside the main reception area. Do not go to the Leisure Centre Reception until you are told to do so. Here your temperature will be checked, you will complete a very brief Health Survey, and you will be allotted a swim lane. PLEASE WEAR A MASK AND MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING AT ALL TIMES.
  • Please arrive on time. We cannot guarantee that anyone arriving late will be able to join the session.
  • You are advised to check in using the government track and trace app (QR code) as you enter the building and use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • The leisure centre changing areas will not be available to us so you need to arrive in your swimming kit (under a tracksuit or other clothing) that you can remove on poolside. After the session you will leave in the same clothing. No nudity allowed!
  • There will be a toilet available.
  • When everyone has been registered you will be led into the building and will enter the pool area through the disabled changing room.
  • Everyone swimming in Lanes 1,3 & 5 should turn right and leave their kit on the ‘stone’ benches under the windows. You will then start your swim session in the deep end of the pool.
  • Everyone swimming in Lanes 2,4 & 6 should turn left and leave their kit on the plastic seats. You will then start your swim session in the shallow end of the pool.
  • Have your own paddles, pull buoy, fins etc in a marked bag. You will not be able to borrow Club or Leisure Centre kit.  
  • Bring your own drink bottles marked with your name.
  • After the session, collect your kit and leave via the fire exit onto the carpark. Do not remove your swimming costume poolside after your swim.

During the session:

  • Lanes 1,3 & 5 will start their session and take breaks at the deep end of the pool;
  • Lanes 2,4 & 6 will start their session and take breaks at the shallow end of the pool;
  • During breaks maintain a 2-metre distance between yourself and other swimmers and face away from them where possible;
  • Overtake only at the pool ends using normal pool etiquette.
  • How can you book onto the sessions?
  • We will be releasing sessions only a few days before they open in case our format changes as the rules change. All sessions must be booked and paid for in advance.
  • For bookings we are using a British Triathlon (BTF) system – Club Spark. You will be sent a link by email a few days before before each session. 
  • We will not be providing refunds / booking referrals / changes if you cannot make your swim allocation.
  • Before you book onto your first session you must complete 2 forms – a Heath Screening Form and a Risk Awareness Declaration

Adult Health Screening and Adult Risk Awareness Declaration 

  • There are two ways to get into Club Spark
    1. If you are already a BTF member use the blue ‘Sign in with your British Triathlon Account’ button using your email address or British Triathlon membership number (beginning E) and password. Don’t create a new account.
    2. If you are not a BTF member then register using REGISTER (in the header). Note you don’t need to sign up for British Triathlon membership – you just registering so you can book swim sessions. There is no cost to register
    3. If you are having trouble logging in try using the big blue British Triathlon button even if you aren’t a BTF member – it seems to work!

The options above are highlighted in this PDF



We regret to announce that we are cancelling our next aquathlon which was due to take place on Sunday 21st March 2021.  Everyone who has already entered will be hearing from us shortly.  

Our next race will hopefully be scheduled for early November. A further announcement will be made once details have been finalised.

Hopefully we will see you all there!

Club Christmas and New Year Bingo Challenge!

This week we are introducing our new challenge – the BTC Christmas and New Year Bingo Challenge! This will run from December 1st to 10th January at which point we will hopefully be close to restarting swim sessions.

Attached here you will find a bingo card listing a range of challenges and hopefully plenty that everyone can do. There’s no swimming, as pools are a bit of an unknown quantity right now, but plenty of running and cycling plus a few other things. If you can’t run then walk or run/walk and, if there’s anything else you need to adapt to your circumstances, then go ahead.

You can complete as many challenges as you like in one day and challenges can be combined (eg. cycle a new route in fancy dress).

Then, all you need to do is post your achievements (with a running total) on our Club Facebook page or Twitter feed or email to Ann or Charlotte

Everyone completing a line (horizontal or vertical) will be entered in our Hall of Fame. Anyone completing the whole card will be put in a prize draw with the chance to win a bulk pack of loo rolls or other glittering prize!

Just remember to stay safe, don’t break any government guidelines and HAVE FUN!

Club swim sessions – booking and declarations



MONDAY SWIM – Book your Monday swim session here (the latest session will become available a few days before it is due to run).



FRIDAY SWIM – Book your Friday swim session here (the latest session will become available a few days before it is due to run).



Health Screening (Adults) – to be completed by all swimmers before taking art in their first session.




Risk Awareness Declaration (Adults) – to be completed by all swimmers before taking part in their first session.

Burntwood Aquathlon cancelled

After much consideration we regret to announce that we are cancelling our next aquathlon which was due to take place on Sunday 1st November.
Everyone who has already entered will be hearing from us shortly.
Our next race is provisionally scheduled for Sunday 21st March 2021. Hopefully we will see you all there!

Workouts to do at home

The BTF have now extended the ban on Club sessions until June 30th which means it will be a long time until we can train together again.

In the meantime we will be publishing session plans for you to do at home and providing links to other sources providing free workouts. These will appear weekly on our Facebook page and by email , or you can find the whole lot on the Home Workouts page of this website – it’s under Training.

Have fun and stay safe!

Covid-19 update

Sadly, yesterday we received an email from British Triathlon instructing Clubs to stop all organised training sessions so, as of today all Club sessions and meetings are cancelled until further notice. This is disappointing but hardly surprising in the current circumstances.
The government have emphasised that it is still important to exercise where possible so, to help you all, we are hoping to publish sessions that you can follow at home but this will take a few days to set up so bear with us.
More soon. Keep safe!

Burntwood Spring Aquathlon – race details and start list

Thank you for entering Burntwood Spring Aquathlon.

The final start list for the race can be viewed here. Due to a large number of later entries there have been a few minor changes to start times in the adult/youth race but only by a few minutes.

Race Details including FAQs can be viewed here. We advise all entrants to read this before arriving at the race.

Day Memberships – non-BTF members can view their BTF day memberships for the race here. There is no need to download this unless you have a problem.

Under 16s – if any under 16s will be attending the race without a parent, they need to bring with them a copy of an Event Consent form signed by a parent or guardian. They will not be allowed to race without this form which can be downloaded here.

Photography – if you wish to take photographs or record videos at the event, including on mobile phones, please download a copy of the Photography Consent here and bring it with you to registration on race morning. Please note that no photography of any kind is allowed in the pool area (including changing rooms) and in transition.

Swim hats – as usual we will be re-using swim hats throughout the race. These will be washed between uses but you are welcome to wear your own hat underneath if you wish.

Lap counting – we will have marshals to help with counting laps on the swim and run, however please note that it is the competitor’s responsibility to make sure they complete the correct distance. Please make sure you know the distance and number of laps you will be completing before you start!

Finally, registration will be open from 0745 on race morning and will remain open throughout the race. Please make sure you register in good time and are ready on poolside 10 minutes before your swim time where you will be briefed on the race. BTF members – please remember to bring your BTF card with you to registration! Without it you will need to pay for a day licence.

See you on Sunday!