Aquathlon Information

Aquathlon Info

The races are held at Burntwood Leisure Centre in Burntwood near Lichfield in Staffordshire, easily reached from all directions. There is plenty of free parking at the leisure centre.

Burntwood Leisure Centre, High Street, Chasetown, Burntwood, Staffs, WS7 3XH

Link to location map


There are changing rooms and showers inside the leisure centre.

There is a small cafe in the Leisure Centre which should be open on race day. There are also vending machines available in reception. There is a free water dispenser in the corridor leading to the squash courts.

Registration opens at 7.45am and will stay open until everyone has registered. All competitors must register on arrival.

Registration is located inside the leisure centre – it will be signed from reception. Here you will confirm your starting time and be issued with your race number.

Body marking will be done at Registration. All competitors will be marked on an arm with their race number; junior competitors will also have their required number of swim lengths marked onto their hand.

British Triathlon members will need to produce a current race licence (paper or online) to confirm their membership. Non-BTF members will be issued with a day member’s licence.

If you are currently taking any medication or suffer from a specific medical condition (e.g. drug allergy) please inform us at registration and also write details clearly on the back of your race number.


Please be at the poolside at least 10 minutes before your start time for a final race briefing, following which you will be instructed to move to your allotted swim lane.

A swimming hat will be provided for you to wear. Swim hats are reused throughout the race. They are washed between uses but you are welcome to wear your own hat underneath if you wish.

All competitors will start in waves, 6 per wave, at approximately 4 minute intervals. The starter will tell you when to enter the water, and then give you a countdown to your start.

Full race distance is 16 lengths of the pool (Tristar Start & Tristar 1 & 2 swim shorter distances). The lane counter will keep count of your progress and will signal when you have 2 lengths remaining. Please make sure you know how many lengths you need to swim (see below).

IMPORTANT: the lane counters are there to help check that you swim the correct number of lengths however, ultimately, it is each competitor’s responsibility to ensure they swim the correct distance.

Please note – you may only swim using breaststroke or freestyle or a combination of both.

The transition area is located just outside the pool building by the exit from the swim; please leave shoes & clothing here. To access the transition area before racing please turn right out of reception and follow round the outside of the building. There will be no access via the pool except when racing.

Please note that only competitors will be allowed into the transition area with the exception of Tristar competitors who will be allowed one helper to help set up. While setting up, please be aware of people racing and take care not to obstruct them. 

During the race, exit the pool through the door near the shallow end of the pool. The timekeeper is located here; please shout your race number as you pass. Be careful, the floor will be wet and slippery.

No assistance of any kind is allowed in transition while racing with the exception of Tristar Start competitors who will be allowed one helper. Any unauthorised assistance will result in disqualification of the competitor concerned.

NB. There have, in the past, been problems with broken glass in the transition area. We will make every effort to clear this, however we advise competitors to leave their kit on the paved area and only tread on the grass once they have their shoes on.

Numbers must be worn on your front. Please make sure your number is visible at all times; if your number can’t be seen by the timekeepers then you won’t get a time!

Number belts will be allowed.

Please note that no-one is allowed to run ‘topless’ – please put on a shirt if needed!

The run course for Tristar is a multi-lap course around the playing fields adjacent to the swimming pool – each lap is 500m long. Tristar Start will complete 2 laps of a shorter 300m course. Shortly before the end of each lap you will be given a wristband. You should finish the race with one less band than the number of laps you are running. The course is entirely on grass, possibly a little muddy and uneven in places, although normal running shoes will be OK.

The run course for Adults and Youths is a multi-lap course using minor roads close to the Leisure Centre. Each lap is 1.25km long. The course exits the site via a metal gate close to the swim exit and re-enters the site via the main Leisure Centre entrance. The entire route is on footpaths, pavements or grass verges, there are 3 crossings of minor side roads. These and other strategic locations will be marshalled. The whole course will be clearly marked with direction arrows. Competitors should be aware that at times the paths may be uneven or slippery and they may encounter obstacles such as parked cars, posts or litter bins – special care should be taken in these areas. Members of the public will also be using some of the paths and competitors should allow them right of way at all times. The Highway Code applies in all areas and traffic will take priority at all times. The full race distance is four laps. Shortly before the end of each lap you will be given a wristband. You should finish the race with three bands.

Please make sure you know how many laps you need to run – the bands are to help you keep count but it is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they complete the correct number of laps. See below for race distances.

Spectators are requested to remain off the run course and behind the barriers provided.

No outside assistance to competitors is permitted. Any unauthorised assistance will result in disqualification of the competitor concerned.

After the race please remove muddy shoes before entering the building.

See route plans for both run courses here:

Tristar course

Adult & Youth course



Tristar start (age 8) –  50m swim (2 lengths) & 600m run (2 ‘mini’ laps of the field)

Tristar 1 (9-10)         – 150m swim (6 lengths) & 1500m run (3 laps of the field)

Tristar 2 (11-12)      – 250m swim (10 lengths) & 2000m run (4 laps of the field)

Tristar 3 (13-14)      – 400m swim (16 lengths) & 3000m run (6 laps of the field)

Adult & Youth (15 & over) – 400m swim (16 lengths), 5000m run (4 laps of road course)


N.B. A child’s age group is decided by their age on 31st December in the year of the race not their age on the day of the race.

The race is being run under BTF rules; please make sure you are familiar with these.

They can be found at

There will be a copy available at the registration desk.

A BTF referee will be present throughout the race. If you have any problems please see him/her. His/her decision is final.

Spectators must keep off the race course at all times and must not obstruct competitors or race officials. Any competitors receiving outside assistance will be disqualified.

There is a small seating area next to the pool. This can be accessed only through the door from the café. To get to the seats you will cross the door to transition. There will be a marshal situated here but please take care not to obstruct competitors. Spectators will not be allowed to enter or exit the pool via the transition door.

On the run course, please remain behind the barrier tape and take care not to obstruct competitors at any time.

No spectators are allowed in the transition area or the finish boxes.

In line with British Triathlon guidelines for children’s races, anyone wishing to take photographs or video footage of the event must register their details at the Registration desk before carrying out any such photography. (NB, includes camera phones!). You will be issued with a sticker which you must wear at all times. Photographer Registration forms will be sent out with the final race details or you can download one here and bring it with you on the day. If you wish to take photos, please complete the form and hand it in at registration. A few spare copies will be available on race day.

Burntwood Leisure Centre policy is that no photography is allowed inside the building, meaning that no photography will be allowed in the swimming pool. There will also be no photography allowed in the transition area. 

Provisional results will be available and the presentation will take place as soon as possible after the last competitor has finished in the registration area. If possible, we will hold a separate presentation for Tristar competitors approximately 30 minutes after the Tristar races finish.

Provisional results will be on the Club website ( usually on the evening of race day. If you’d prefer a hard copy then please leave an SAE at Registration

More than 2 weeks before the race – 100% refund or transfer of entry to next race.

1-2 weeks before race – 50% refund or transfer of entry to next race.

Less than 1 week before race – no refund. Transfer of entry to next race only.