Aquathlon FAQs


No one is too slow to compete in an aquathlon. We can’t all win and the idea is to take part and have fun. In the swim you will be grouped with people of a similar speed. Slower swimmers start first. However slow you are going, you won’t get in anyone’s way.


Experienced triathletes will wear a one or two-piece triathlon suit throughout the race with an elasticated race belt for their number however, if this is your first race, there is no need to buy any special clothing. The simplest option is to wear your normal swimming costume then pull on a T shirt in transition to which you can attach your race number. Another alternative would be to swim in a pair of lycra shorts and a lycra top that you may already have for running. If it’s very cold you may want to put on a woolly hat and gloves!

NB. No-one is allowed to run ‘topless’! According to BTF rules you can wear a one or two piece non-transparent swimsuit in the swim then, on the run, your chest area must be covered at all times and there must be no gap between top and bottom. For full details please read the BTF rules.


Your time in transition is part of your race time so the idea is to get through as quickly as possible. However you are free to take as much time as you want and put on as many clothes as you need to feel comfortable. You may want to bring a small towel to stand on whilst you dress, you can also put talc in your trainers to help your feet slip in when wet especially if you’re not wearing socks. If you’re looking to save a few more seconds you may want to invest in a pair of elastic laces for your trainers. If you’re new to triathlon maybe take some time to watch the more experienced competitors and get some time saving ideas for the future.

Start times will be posted on our Club website at in the middle of the week before the race. If you would rather receive your start time by post you need to send us a 1st class SAE with your entry.


Arrange to arrive leaving sufficient time to register, put your things in transition and to be at the pool 10 mins before your allotted start time. Registration opens at 7.45am and will stay open until everyone has registered.


The juniors will race before the adults. The junior race will start at 8.30am. The adult race start time will depend on the number of junior entries but is likely to be 9.30-10am. Please note that ‘Youths’ will race with the adults.


Provisional results will usually be available about 30 mins after the last competitor has finished. Full results will be published on our Club website ( usually on the evening of the race.

Tristar start competitors only will be allowed one helper when setting up their kit in transition.

During the race no-one is allowed help in transition with the exception of Tristar Start competitors who will be allowed one helper.

Anyone receiving unauthorised help will be disqualified.



In line with BTF guidelines for children’s races, anyone wishing to take photographs or video footage of the event must register their details at the Registration desk before carrying out any such photography. (NB. includes camera phones!). You will be issued with a sticker that you must wear at all times. Photographer Registration forms will be sent out with the final race details or you can download a form here. If you wish to take photos, please complete the form and hand it in at registration. 

Burntwood Leisure Centre policy is that no photography is allowed inside the building, meaning that no photography will be allowed in the swimming pool. There will also be no photography allowed in the transition area.