Turbo Sessions

So, here are some turbo sessions for those days when you can’t (or don’t want to) get out on the road.

The sessions are written so they can be used on any type of turbo, however primitive. All you need to know to get started is the size of the gears on your bike so, if like me you have no idea, just count the teeth on all the cogs (front & back), write them down and put the paper somewhere you can see it! If the gearings given are different from your bike just use the nearest you have.

Finally, remember to have a towel close to hand and plenty of water!

Turbo session 1

Turbo session 2 

Turbo session 3

Turbo session 4

Turbo session 5

Turbo session 6

Turbo session 7

Turbo session 8

Turbo session 9