The transition area is located just outside the pool building by the exit from the swim; please leave shoes & clothing here. To access the transition area before racing please turn right out of reception and follow round the outside of the building. There will be no access via the pool except when racing.

Please note that only competitors will be allowed into the transition area with the exception of Tristar competitors who will be allowed one helper to help set up. While setting up, please be aware of people racing and take care not to obstruct them. 

During the race, exit the pool through the door near the shallow end of the pool. The timekeeper is located here; please shout your race number as you pass. Be careful, the floor will be wet and slippery.

No assistance of any kind is allowed in transition while racing with the exception of Tristar Start competitors who will be allowed one helper. Any unauthorised assistance will result in disqualification of the competitor concerned.

NB. There have, in the past, been problems with broken glass in the transition area. We will make every effort to clear this, however we advise competitors to leave their kit on the paved area and only tread on the grass once they have their shoes on.

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