Please be at the poolside at least 10 minutes before your start time for a final race briefing, following which you will be instructed to move to your allotted swim lane.

A swimming hat will be provided for you to wear. Swim hats are reused throughout the race. They are washed between uses but you are welcome to wear your own hat underneath if you wish.

All competitors will start in waves, 6 per wave, at approximately 4 minute intervals. The starter will tell you when to enter the water, and then give you a countdown to your start.

Full race distance is 16 lengths of the pool (Tristar Start & Tristar 1 & 2 swim shorter distances). The lane counter will keep count of your progress and will signal when you have 2 lengths remaining. Please make sure you know how many lengths you need to swim (see below).

IMPORTANT: the lane counters are there to help check that you swim the correct number of lengths however, ultimately, it is each competitor’s responsibility to ensure they swim the correct distance.

Please note – you may only swim using breaststroke or freestyle or a combination of both.

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