The run course for Tristar is a multi-lap course around the playing fields adjacent to the swimming pool – each lap is 500m long. Tristar Start will complete 2 laps of a shorter 300m course. Shortly before the end of each lap you will be given a wristband. You should finish the race with one less band than the number of laps you are running. The course is entirely on grass, possibly a little muddy and uneven in places, although normal running shoes will be OK.


The run course for Adults and Youths is a multi-lap course using minor roads close to the Leisure Centre. Each lap is 1.25km long. The course exits the site via a metal gate close to the swim exit and re-enters the site via the main Leisure Centre entrance. The entire route is on footpaths, pavements or grass verges, there are 3 crossings of minor side roads. These and other strategic locations will be marshalled. The whole course will be clearly marked with direction arrows. Competitors should be aware that at times the paths may be uneven or slippery and they may encounter obstacles such as parked cars, posts or litter bins – special care should be taken in these areas. Members of the public will also be using some of the paths and competitors should allow them right of way at all times. The Highway Code applies in all areas and traffic will take priority at all times.


The full race distance is four laps. Shortly before the end of each lap you will be given a wristband. You should finish the race with three bands.


Please make sure you know how many laps you need to run – the bands are to help you keep count but it is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they complete the correct number of laps. See below for race distances.


Spectators are requested to remain off the run course and behind the barriers provided.

No outside assistance to competitors is permitted. Any unauthorised assistance will result in disqualification of the competitor concerned.


After the race please remove muddy shoes before entering the building.


See route plans for both run courses here:

Adult & Youth run course

Tristar run course

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