Burntwood Spring Aquathlon – race details and start list

Thank you for entering Burntwood Spring Aquathlon.

The final start list for the race can be viewed here. Due to a large number of later entries there have been a few minor changes to start times in the adult/youth race but only by a few minutes.

Race Details including FAQs can be viewed here. We advise all entrants to read this before arriving at the race.

Day Memberships – non-BTF members can view their BTF day memberships for the race here. There is no need to download this unless you have a problem.

Under 16s – if any under 16s will be attending the race without a parent, they need to bring with them a copy of an Event Consent form signed by a parent or guardian. They will not be allowed to race without this form which can be downloaded here.

Photography – if you wish to take photographs or record videos at the event, including on mobile phones, please download a copy of the Photography Consent here and bring it with you to registration on race morning. Please note that no photography of any kind is allowed in the pool area (including changing rooms) and in transition.

Swim hats – as usual we will be re-using swim hats throughout the race. These will be washed between uses but you are welcome to wear your own hat underneath if you wish.

Lap counting – we will have marshals to help with counting laps on the swim and run, however please note that it is the competitor’s responsibility to make sure they complete the correct distance. Please make sure you know the distance and number of laps you will be completing before you start!

Finally, registration will be open from 0745 on race morning and will remain open throughout the race. Please make sure you register in good time and are ready on poolside 10 minutes before your swim time where you will be briefed on the race. BTF members – please remember to bring your BTF card with you to registration! Without it you will need to pay for a day licence.

See you on Sunday!